Remedies to Help You Survive the Holidays

By  ,  Onlymyhealth editorial team
May 23, 2012

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Remedies to Help You Survive the Holidays

The holidays may bring cheer and joy to many hearts, but there are several of us who dread the holidays and the attending headaches that go with it. Planning travel, organising get-togethers, maintaining your health plan (diet, exercise, etc), and sometimes even comparing a not so promising now to the glorious past can be a harrowing experience. But there are remedies that you can try to survive the holidays and come out in top.

The first and most important way to deal with holiday stress is to not have such huge expectations – from yourself and the occasion. If the imminent holidays do not match up to the kind you had in the glorious past, don't fret. Remember that you will still be making new memories and that they will still be precious. Try to think about the things about the holiday that you love most and focus your attention on that, instead of worrying.

According to Mrs. Krishna Malhotra, who has been hosting successful New Year parties for several years now, the secret is to stop wanting everything to be perfect. “Remember that the point of the get-together is to spend time with your loved ones, not having every napkin perfect and every drink measured,” is her advice. It is also a good idea to rope in some others in the organising that gets so hectic. “I always recruit my daughter and my mom-in-law to deal with half the things that have to be organised,” says Mrs. Malhotra. Not only does it give you time to bond with the people who will help you; it is a great way to relieve stress. Sharing the stress is always the best way to bust it.

Travel is a slightly trickier thing to de-stress. But if you want to survive the holiday travel with minimum friction, advance planning, and a little free flow will take you a long way. Prepare for delays, tantrums with kids and look forward to face the unpredictable, instead of worrying about it. After all, the whole point of travel is to be able to tell those very interesting stories that you are bound to come by!

So, take a deep breath, and rejoice that it is the holidays. Surviving need not be such a hard task!



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