Puppy Hugs Reduce Stress in Students

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Dec 03, 2012

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Puppy Hugs Reduce Stress in Students

Cuddling a pet may reduce stress in college students; therefore, a Canadian University has decided to provide their pupils a roomful of little puppies.

Dalhousie University in Halifax, Nova Scotia, has decided to build a puppy room for students, who have to soon appear in their finals.  The student Union’s Facebook page of the university reads, "Stressed from exams? Come take a break from studying and exams and play with a dog!" The poster reads, Yup,its a room full of puppies!

A well-known U.S daily reported that the idea has been a surprising hit got more than 1300 likes and 2,000 shares since the day it was published.

An organisation called Therapeutic Paws of Canada that uses dogs as a cuddly alternative to anti-depressant medicine has provided canines to the university.


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A Facebook user, David Foster, commented, “Whats going to be ironic is the level of stress trying to get into this room with its popularity and all...”


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