Understanding Plastic Surgery and the Pros and Cons of it

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May 06, 2011

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Quick Bites

  • A surgical procedure is option when you have a scar or mark.
  • Plastic surgery, though it is famous, it can have repercussions.
  • There is a chance that you face a nerve damage.
  • You may also face blood loss if things go wrong.

Plastic surgery is one of the easiest ways of rectifying one’s not so perfect features in a bid to achieve the perfect look. However, plastic surgery is not necessarily performed for aesthetics alone.


Pros and Cons of Plastic Surgery

You might require a surgical procedure of this type if an accident has left visible scars on any part of the body. In addition, cosmetic surgery is not a process which is restricted to the face alone. Processes such as breast implants or liposuction are also categorised under cosmetic surgical procedures. Broadly therefore, any surgical procedure for body that aims to alter your physical appearance in any possible way can be termed as a plastic or a cosmetic surgical procedure. However, any surgical procedure can have serious repercussions on your health; therefore you need to evaluate your decision well, before going under the knife.


Pros of Plastic Surgery 

Some of the positives of plastic surgery process include:


  • A plastic surgery is carried out for enhancing your appearance by improving your physical features. Therefore, a successful completion of cosmetic surgical procedures which result in desired outcomes can actually work wonders on your self confidence levels and improve your self-esteem considerably.
  • Cosmetic surgery is also a sure shot way of achieving the perfect look you have been dreaming of. A well-executed surgical procedure can actually transform you completely, within no time, and without any apparent hardships.
  • Surgeries pertaining to breast reductions are known to prove beneficial for women suffering from chronic back ache.
  • Nose jobs can have a positive impact on women who have breathing problems due to a deviated septum. Plastic surgery procedures which are performed to improve the appearance of the nose can actually help them breathe better with reduced efforts from their side.


Therefore, apart from transforming your looks, plastic surgery is also capable of bringing about significant health benefits as well.


Cons of Plastic Surgery

Going under the knife is not about positives alone. There might be some serious negative impacts that you might have to deal with, even after engaging the best plastic surgeons of your city.


  • To begin with, cosmetic jobs such as facelifts can cause serious nerve damage. Sometimes the damage can be serious enough to leave your face completely numb, void of all sensation. This condition can persist for an extended period, till the nerves heal completely. In severe cases, this can also be an irreversible process as well.
  • Sometimes, if you are opting for a massive alteration through plastic surgery, it might incorporate removal of significant amount of skin and tissues. This might lead to substantial blood loss. Sometimes the loss could be well above the permissible limits, leading to significant risks.
  • There are certain psychological implications of undergoing a plastic surgery as well. It might not be easy to encounter a revamped self appearance all at once. Patients might need some time to come to terms with their new improved personality.


Cosmetic surgery  does incorporate several positives as well as negatives. You need to weigh safety of plastic surgery procedures before deciding to opt for them.


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