Multivitamins reduce Cancer Risk in Men

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Oct 19, 2012

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Multivitamins reduces Cancer Risk in Men

Male doctors, who were religiously taking multivitamins for more than a decade, were found to be at lowered risk of cancer, according to a new study that was put forth in the meeting of the American Association for Cancer Research on last Wednesday.

The study found that the intake of multivitamins decreases the chances of onset of cancer in men by 8 per cent, however, a healthy diet and regular exercise routine remain the best cancer preventive methods that reduce the risk by 20 to 30 per cent.

Dr. Ernest Hawk, Vice President of cancer prevention at the University of Texas said that although the findings of the study are promising but he is sceptical to recommend routine intake of multivitamins to prevent cancer.


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About 35 per cent of American adults (half of them over 50 years of age) regularly consume multivitamins as they consider them to be the antidotes of unhealthy eating, but, no government agency recommends routine use of multivitamins, according to a fact sheet from the federal Office of Dietary Supplements.


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