Melamine Crockery can raise risk of Kidney Stones

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Jan 24, 2013

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Melamine Crockery can raise risk of Kidney Stones

According to a Taiwanese research, hot temperatures increase the amount of melamine we are exposed to, increasing the risk of kidney stones.

In 2008, melamine-tainted baby formula was related to the sickening and killing of babies in China. Melamine, if taken in high quantity can also cause kidney stones and other serious kidney ailments in adults.

Researcher Chia-Fang Wu from the Kaohsiung Medical University in Taiwan wrote: "Melamine tableware may release large amounts of melamine when used to serve high-temperature foods."

Six people in their 20s were served hot soup for breakfast in melamine bowls, while another six were given soup in ceramic bowls.

The researchers then monitored the urine samples of the participants for the next 12 hours. After three weeks later, the two groups were reversed. It was found that the total melamine excreted in the volunteers' urine was 8.35 micrograms following a melamine bowl breakfast, as compared to 1.31 micrograms after a ceramic bowl breakfast.

Although, the study didn't measure any health effects related to melamine.

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