Insufficient Sleep may Trigger Aggressive Breast Cancer

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Aug 29, 2012

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Insufficient Sleep may Trigger Aggressive Breast CancerInsufficient sleep can possibly lead to more aggressive form of breast cancer and moreover, elevates its chances of recurrence, according to a new study conducted by Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine. This cancer was published in the August issue of journal ‘Breast Cancer Research and Treatment’.[Read: Types of Breast Cancer]

The study used Oncotype DX to analyse the medical records of 412 post-menstrual breast cancer patients. In addition, the patients were asked to answer a questionnaire along with their average sleep duration of the last two years.


Oncotype DX is a medical test; results of this test help to choose the treatment course for the early stage of breast cancer and predict likelihood of cancer recurrence. Led by Cheryl Thompson, assistant professor at Case Western Reserve University School, the research found that women, who had six or less hours of average sleep per night for the last two years, had higher Oncotype DX cancer recurrence scores than women who sleep for longer hours.  [Read: Common Risk Factors for Breast Cancer]


Lack of sleep may trigger aggressive breast cancer tumour, but more research need to be done in this direction, said Dr. Thompson.



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