How to Give Parenting Tips for an Eating Disorder Teen?

By  ,  Onlymyhealth editorial team
Feb 06, 2013

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Nutrition is important for a teenager’s physical and mental development, because they are growing every day.  Their eating pattern can be a matter of concern for parents, but this can be remedied with some creative parental guidance. Read to know how to rectify or prevent eating disorders in your teenager.

  • Make mealtime a family time; children who eat with their family regularly are more likely to eat healthy foods.
  • Do not make meal times a place for battle. Avoid lectures and arguments over the table and try to make meal times calm and congenial.
  • Let them learn healthy eating habits by serving fruit, vegetables and other healthy foods at every meal. Try to avoid unhealthy foods (like deep-fried or processed). Limit their intake of junk foods such as chips, candy, soda and fruit-flavored drinks.
  • Do not force them to eat when they are not hungry.  Never use the threat of with-holding food for leverage.
  • Involve them in the preparation of meals. Children enjoy deciding what to make for dinner.


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