How Exercise Benefits your Heart

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Nov 16, 2011

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Exercise benefits your heart

Researchers have proven that vigorous exercises on a regular basis—jogging, swimming, participating in another aerobic activity—lowered their heart disease risk by 20 per cent. Exercise has various advantages, so much so that even a low intensity exercise, like walking briskly for three miles or longer several times weekly, results in a 10 per cent reduction of the risk of heart diseases.


On the contrary, a sedentary lifestyle is often marked as one of the top risk factors for heart disease. The following points indicate how exercise benefits your heart:

  1. Exercising regularly strengthens the heart and the cardiovascular system on the whole.
  2. It improves blood circulation and helps the body use the oxygen in a better way.
  3. Exercising on a daily basis improves your various heart failure symptoms.
  4. Once the body is habituated to exercising the various parts, it helps increase its endurance.
  5. Simultaneously, it helps tone the muscles and increases the muscle strength. 
  6. Exercising also strengthens the bones in the body.
  7. As a result, there is an improvement in the body balance and joint flexibility.
  8. Exercising involves burning the unwanted body fat. This results in the body reaching a healthy weight.
  9. This, in turn, boosts the self confidence, self esteem and self image.
  10. Since the body is functioning properly, it does not stress any more. The mind is tension free, free of anxiety and depression.
  11. This helps in improving sleep.
  12. As a result, you feel more at peace with yourself, more relaxed, rested, fit and healthy.


The heart gets affected by these various factors listed above. A tension free life, peaceful living and the implementation of the best your body can get with respect to the muscle toning and bone strengthening, obviously keeps the heart pumping at a normal rate. Exercise further helps the heart by strengthening the heart muscle. A regular regime involving suitable cardio-vascular exercises is considered best for strengthening the heart. This makes the heart more efficient.


As a result, the heart’s ability to handle the numerous kinds of stress — day-to-day and otherwise — improves in a great way. Since a regular exercise regiment helps in a normal flow of blood, it also helps improve the flow of blood to the heart muscles.These are the various ways in which exercise benefits the heart.


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