Diabetic Home Care Management

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Aug 28, 2012

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Diabetic Home Care ManagementIn diabetes treatment, the main goal is control of blood glucose level so that the very severe complications of diabetes could be avoided. A diabetic needs to ensure that his glucose level remains in the normal range and secondly, he does not fall prey to the symptoms of low blood sugar. Good diabetic home care management would entail correct monitoring along with quick implementation of the ways of restoring the patient to normalcy in case of an emergency such as low blood pressure. [Read: How to Monitor Diabetes at Home]

Diabetes Treatment at Home


  • Glucose monitoring – Home testing of blood glucose involves the use of two types of methods. In the first one, a reagent strip is used while in the second, glucose meter is used along with the reagent strip. The second method has become more popular because it is more reliable than strips. Glucose testing at home almost always involves blood test. Although urine sample also gives the right indicator of blood glucose, it is not possible to measure it by home testing.
  • Preventing complications As the main goal of diabetes is to control the symptoms from getting aggravated, home care of the disease is also based on this. You need to take particular care to ensure that the glucose is withing the natural range. What should be of special concern is to ensure that the patient is neither undertreated nor overtreated. [Read: How to Avoid Complications if Diabetic]
  • Blood glucose meter You should ensure that the right choice of blood glucose meter is made. This would ensure that you are well versed in using it and can predict the disturbed condition of the patient whenever that happens. Be particularly watchful for tremors, visual impairment or any other sever symptoms.
  • Glucose sensors Nowadays many improved glucose sensors have been developed. These are very good options for diabetics to know the real problem facing them. They can get tailor-made solutions to their problems. [Read: How Does a Glucose Monitor Meter Work?]
  • Home care nurses You might even want to take the services of home care nurses for monitoring your condition at home. These professionals can be very helpful as they make sure that all the required medications are taken by you, besides taking all the responsibility of diabetic home care. You just need to make sure that you stick to one health care provider. Otherwise, they may give you medications that react with each other to produce adverse impact on you.


Diabetes generally presents with several abnormalities that affect diabetes care and outcomes. You need to be aware of the resources and referrals needed to address the diabetic home care problems. [Read: How Does Diabetes Affect Your Body?]


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