Common Problems before Marriage

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Sep 19, 2011

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Common Problems before MarriageMarriage is indeed a huge decision to make. Both you and your partner would be going through several contemplative phases before you actually decide to walk the aisle. Common problems before marriage would most often be the ones related to your future goals. Having an alignment of objectives and purposes in life could be of immense importance in a marriage. You might find it imperative to seek a few clarifications from your spouse, before giving in to the commitment therefore.


Seeking Clarifications to Common Problems before Marriage

Listed below are some of the most relevant facts which can be considered common problems before marriage, warranting clarification.


  1. To begin with, the purpose of marriage should be somewhat aligned between the two of you. Whereas some look for marriage in order to do away with individual loneliness, for others it is a way to deal with financial insecurity. For others still, it is the yearning to be united with your loved one which motivates you to walk the aisle. These are some of the common problems before marriage which you need to discuss with your spouse. You and your partner should ideally be transparent with your feelings and beliefs.
  2. If you are a woman, the other common problem before marriage could be associated with your career aspirations. Whereas some men would prefer their wives to have a career, others would like to see them nurture kids and stay at home. In case your dreams do not correspond to each other, there is bound to be problems later. You should choose to talk it out with your spouse just ahead of the marriage.
  3. Parenthood could another common problem before marriage, which you would wish to seek clarifications about. It is essential for both partners to agree on a family building plan. This must include the timing of having kids and the number of kids you wish to have. Often, parenthood plans might curtail your career aspirations as well. Therefore, both of you need to agree on the family planning exercise for making it happen at the right time. If there is a conflict in interests, making a successful life together might become difficult.
  4. Another common problem before marriage is to attempt to know more about your partner. You might want to know if he has criminal record or has even exhibited violent behaviour towards anyone and so on. However, putting forth direct questions with respect to the same could require mustering up some courage.


Seek to deal with each and every one of the common problem before marriage that seems relevant to you. Your marital alliance should begin on a positive note for sure.


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