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Unique Baby Names Starting With F with Meanings

NameMeaning Gender Religion
FajyazArtistic GirlMuslim
FawhaBreath of fragrance GirlMuslim
FayonaBeautiful, pretty GirlMuslim
FayroozTurquoise GirlMuslim
Fazilatun NisaExcellence of the women GirlMuslim
FirdausiHeavenly GirlMuslim
ForouzanShining GirlMuslim
FuratSweet water GirlMuslim
FuroozanLuminous, radiant GirlMuslim
Fahm AraAdorned with intellect GirlMuslim
FarnazSplendid coquetry GirlMuslim
FasihaEloquent, fluent GirlMuslim
FattanaExtremely beautiful GirlMuslim
FauqiyahHigh Grade GirlMuslim
Fakhrun NisaGlory of the women GirlMuslim
FakihahFruit GirlMuslim
FalahatWelfare, benefit GirlMuslim
FaniaFree GirlMuslim
FanilaAble, worthy GirlMuslim
FaraalName of lion, height GirlMuslim
FasiyaA gentle woman GirlMuslim
FarkhandaBlessed GirlMuslim
FarishtaAngel GirlMuslim
FaryalName GirlMuslim
FuseelahName of a narrator of hadith GirlMuslim
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