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Baby Girl Names Starting With Y with Meanings

NameMeaning Gender Religion
YusairahName of a SahabiyyahGirlMuslim
YusriyyaEasy, Kind, smooth GirlMuslim
YousraReconciling GirlMuslim
YumnaGood fortune, success GirlMuslim
YasmineFlower GirlMuslim
YaserWealth GirlMuslim
YarahWarm GirlMuslim
YaqaazahWatchful, Providant GirlMuslim
YamnaFortunate GirlMuslim
YaminaHappy GirlMuslim
YamanaPious GirlMuslim
YamaamahIntention, Design GirlMuslim
YaaqootRuby, a precious stone, a garnet GirlMuslim
YaaniRipe, Scarlet GirlMuslim
YasharahIntelligent, precious stone GirlMuslim
YashfeenShefa, Healthiness GirlMuslim
YasiraRich woman GirlMuslim
YasmeenahSweet-smelling flower GirlMuslim
YusayrahEasy GirlMuslim
YafitaSavior GirlMuslim
YusriyahProsperous GirlMuslim
YusurMost prosperous GirlMuslim
YakootahEmerald GirlMuslim
YalqootAn early woman who gave much in charity GirlMuslim
YamamahValley in Arabia GirlMuslim
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