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Baby Girl Names Starting With T with Meanings

NameMeaning Gender Religion
ThorayaStar GirlMuslim
TahkeemPower, rule GirlMuslim
TaibaOne who refrains from evil-doings, repentant, fem of Taib GirlMuslim
ThameenaValuable GirlMuslim
TahniatCongratulations GirlMuslim
TajmeelDecoration, beauty, show GirlMuslim
TaliaDew Of Heaven GirlMuslim
TalibahSeeker after knowledge GirlMuslim
TalwasaAs in may you always live GirlMuslim
TamanniWish, wishing (for), desire GirlMuslim
TamazurBrilliant, whiteness GirlMuslim
TaqwaPiety, devoutness, heedfulness of God GirlMuslim
TareefaRare, Strange, Curious GirlMuslim
TasleemaGreeting GirlMuslim
TasmiyahTasleemah GirlMuslim
TaufiqaProsperity, Success GirlMuslim
TawheedaOne who say la ilaha illa allah GirlMuslim
TayyibaGood, good-natured, sweet GirlMuslim
TabeerResult of deeds GirlMuslim
TaherahPure,Chaste,Clean GirlMuslim
TahiyyahGreeting,Cheer GirlMuslim
TaaleaFortunate GirlMuslim
TabanaBright moonlight GirlMuslim
TabeedahComplex, zigzag, curling GirlMuslim
TaahirahClean GirlMuslim
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