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Baby Girl Names Starting With N with Meanings

NameMeaning Gender Religion
NikhitaThe earth GirlHindu
NeelaBlue GirlMuslim
NesrinA field of wild roses GirlMuslim
NazminLight GirlMuslim
NazishFragrance, Proud GirlMuslim
NazeerahWarner GirlMuslim
NazeefahClean GirlMuslim
NazahahPurity, righteousness, honesty GirlMuslim
NayyabVery Rare, Exclusive GirlMuslim
NawlahShe was a narrator of Hadith GirlMuslim
NasmahBreeze GirlMuslim
NasirahHelper, protector GirlMuslim
NasraHelper GirlMuslim
NasreenWild Rose GirlMuslim
NathifaClean, pure GirlMuslim
NaushabaElixir GirlMuslim
NasifahJust, equitable GirlMuslim
NasihahAdvisor GirlMuslim
NasimahGentle breeze, zephyr GirlMuslim
NaseerahHelper GirlMuslim
NaseemahBreeze GirlMuslim
NaseekaNusuk (arabic sacrifice), piece of gold GirlMuslim
NarminA flower, delicate, soft, slender GirlMuslim
NarjisNarcissus GirlMuslim
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