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Baby Girl Names Starting With J with Meanings

NameMeaning Gender Religion
JubairCounsels or brings together GirlMuslim
JagrutiAwareness GirlHindu
JawariaGod Is Gracious GirlMuslim
JumainahName of a Sahabiyyah (RA). GirlMuslim
Jahan-Ara(Persian) One who adorns the world GirlMuslim
Jamal-ud-DinBeauty of the religion (Islam) GirlMuslim
JabrayahLove, respect GirlMuslim
JadwaGift, present GirlMuslim
Jahan aaraAdornment of the world GirlMuslim
JalsaanGarden, Gulshan GirlMuslim
JalwaSight, show GirlMuslim
Jannatul firdausGarden of Paradise GirlMuslim
JathbiyyaVariant transcription of Jathbiyya GirlMuslim
JavariaLittle,Small girl GirlMuslim
JawnaThe sun GirlMuslim
JehanBeautiful Flower GirlMuslim
JinanGardens, paradise GirlMuslim
JohiJasmine GirlMuslim
JuhanahYoung girl GirlMuslim
JumaimahName of a Sahabiyynh (RA) GirlMuslim
JuriThe rose of Damascus ( Syria ) GirlMuslim
JuwanPerfume GirlMuslim
JuzlaTo get Joyousness/Gladness GirlMuslim
JwairiyaSmall servant GirlMuslim
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