The higher your anxiety, the higher your risk for stroke

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Dec 24, 2013

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According to a new study, ‘the greater your anxiety level, the higher your risk of having a stroke’. This is the first research to have linked anxiety and stroke independent of other factors such as depression.

anxiety strokeAnxiety disorders are one of the most prevalent mental health problems. The symptoms include feeling unusually worried, stressed, nervous or tense.

Researchers studied a nationally representative group of 6,019 people 25 to 74 years old in the first National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES I) in US, for a period of 22 years. The retrieved the information conducting interviews, taking blood tests, medical examinations and through psychological questionnaires. Also, they tracked strokes through hospital or nursing home reports and death certificates.

They found that even modest increases in anxiety were associated with greater stroke risk. People with anxiety symptoms had a 33 per cent higher stroke risk than those with the lowest levels.

The research was published in the American Heart Association journal Stroke.


(Source - Daily Mail)



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