What are the Stages of a Dating Relationship?

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Mar 15, 2013

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What are the Stages of a Dating Relationship

Dating and relationship have a few stages after which it becomes crystallised as a healthy one. Every relationship is different from the other but certain common stages can be certainly experienced by all couples at some point. These stages may not come in the order they would be presented below but most couples do have them in their relationship.



You meet someone in your friend’s house (or anywhere else) and your eyes linger on the others’ for longer than usual. You are drawn to this person in excited anticipation. This excitement does not go away and you love every moment of it. The initial attraction stage usually does not last very long but it is essential for making the relationship work.


Knowing Each Other and Romance


As you cannot help thinking about your special one, you start to meet often and get to know each other. This is a wonderful stage of your dating relationship but it does not last. It has been seen that this stage usually ends after two years at best. You feel that your special one is an angel who can never do anything wrong and will always provide for all your needs, emotional or physical.


The Next Level: Going ahead despite Conflicts


As you date your special one for a long time, you start to have a few conflicts from time to time. If you find that your intimacy with this person is too special to let go even after having differences, take the dating relationship to the next level. It will depend on whether your partner or spouse to be can take you as you are. By now you would have dropped your guard and revealed the real you to your partner and whether he is willing to accept it will determine the future course of the relation.


Coming to a Decision - Future Plans

At this stage, you and your partner need to evaluate whether your dating relation is good enough for making it last or not. It will involve accepting the other with his/her faults and be willing to change as per the other’s wishes. Patience and forgiveness are the two attributes that help a relationship most for being successful and long-lasting .


If you find that what you have with your partner is good enough to give a shot at long-term relationship, start making future plans and the best thing is to end the dating relationship and get married. Make sure that you plan together with consideration of each other’s aspirations.


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