What is Glucose Intolerance - Diabetes and Glucose?

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Nov 01, 2011

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Glucose Intolerance and diabetes are not the same. If you have glucose intolerance your blood sugar levels are high but your body is still producing insulin. Insulin is the hormone that helps the body to utilize glucose but in people with glucose intolerance their does not produce enough insulin to keep the blood glucose level in the normal range.


Glucose intolerance is important because it increases your risk of developing type 2 diabetes.


You are at risk of glucose intolerance if;

  • You have family history of blood sugar issues
  • You are of Asian or African-Caribbean decent
  • You have unhealthy and sedentary lifestyle
  • You are obese

Both men and women are at risk of developing glucose intolerance and high blood sugar. Your doctor may recommend an oral glucose tolerance test to measure the sugar levels in your blood. The test can help to determine if you have diabetes or just glucose intolerance.


It's important to be aware that changes in your lifestyle and diet can help you to improve your glucose tolerance. Diet and lifestyle changes that can improve your glucose tolerance include;

  • Maintain your body weight as healthy as possible. If you are obese try to lose weight.
  • DO regular exercises—moderate physical activity on most days of a week for 30-40 minutes is considered adequate.
  • Eat a healthy and balanced diet---try to include a variety of foods from each major food group in your diet.
  • Limit your intake of animal foods, whole milk dairy products
  • Limit intake of sweets and salt, alcoholic beverages
  • Take care of your portion sizes. Do not take more calories than required. All excess calories are converted to fats and stored in the body and excess calorie causes rise in blood sugar level.

Dr Poonam Sachdeva, our in-house medical expert talks about the why what and how in diabetes.


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