What is Bone Marrow Cancer?

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May 18, 2012

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The soft tissue in your bones is known as bone marrow. Stem cells form soft tissues which form the bone marrow. The bone marrow cancer is the result of the stem cells becoming cancerous. Although bone marrow cancer is not contagious, its exact cause is not known. Doctors cannot explain why some people get affected by bone marrow cancer while others do not.

That is why the prevention of bone marrow cancer is not easy. Knowledge of exact cause would allow for the treatment to be developed, but since that is not the case, prevention is not possible. Certain diseases inherited from the parents are responsible for the bone marrow cancer. The risk factors of this form of cancer are unavoidable as they are genetic.

Some of the causes of bone marrow cancer are:

  • Chronic condition of the bone.
  • Family history of bone marrow cancer.
  • Umbillical hernia at the time the child was born.
  • The DNA of stem cells develops some sort of defect.
  • If it is the case of child below five years of age, effect of retinoblastoma or cancer in the eye can be bone marrow cancer.
  • People in old age are more likely to develop degenerative disorders such as this type of cancer.
  • Some genetic disorders which are quite rare such as Li-Fraumeni syndrome.

You cannot prevent most cases of bone marrow cancer but some precautionary measures would still reduce the risk of it occurring. You need to be vigilant about the occurrence of this form of cancer. The symptoms of this form of cancer are excruciating pain in the bones and fatigue.

Hard lumps and swelling along with stiff joints along are some of the common symptoms of bone marrow cancer. Fractures, reduced immunity, anaemia and minor injuries are also the symptoms of bone marrow cancer.

The patient should be always aware that the symptoms can vary from one to another. You will need to visit the doctor to rule out or diagnose the presence of cancerous cells in your body. Malignancy or the presence of cancerous growth in the body is indicated by weight loss, loss of appetite and a general weakness. You need to stay in touch with your doctor for the recommendations and follow them strictly.

In most of the cases, bone marrow cancer is caused by an overgrowth in a particular organ. If point of origin of the disease is found out, treatment can be done promptly.



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