Unusual Skin Care Ingredients

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Dec 28, 2011

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Unusual skin care ingredients

With all the ruckus in the media between competing companies turning out fancy skin care products, many people do not even consider natural skin care methods. Apart from the natural skin nourishing ingredients, there are quite a few other products that are unusual as skin care ingredient. Let us go through them –


The oils


Sunflower, sesame and olive oils are some common names associated with skin care. Ever thought that even waste cooking oil could be good for you? That is true! It can be used to rejuvenate and protect the skin.


Used tea bags

Used tea bags, with lot of caffeine in them are very useful in getting rid of dark circles under your eyes. When caffeine is applied on your skin, it acts as a natural sunscreen and protects from sun damage.



They are rich in fats and also contain vitamins A, D and E. Vitamin is especially beneficial for the skin as it helps to retain moisture and reduces wrinkles.


Lime oil

Lime is rich in vitamin C, a powerful antioxidant. Thus, lime oil and all the products that contain the oil smooth your skin and lessen the dark circles under eyes and other dark spots on the skin.



Known more for being the juiciest of fruits, mango can be as good for the condition of your skin. Mangoes have a lot of triglycerides that are the same as your body’s natural moisturiser. Apply it directly to your lips and it works as a moisture restoring oil.


Ho wood essential oil


It is also known as white camphor. It is made by distilling the wood and bark of a tree known as cinamomum camphora. It is used as lip balm, reducing inflammation by chest rubs and soothing the skin.


Mint Juice


Apply it on itchy or infected skin for a soothing and calming influence. Moreover, it can also be used for providing relief from the bites of mosquitoes, bees and wasps. The vitamin A of mint helps to make the skin tissue strong and reduce oily skin at the same time.



It is used as anti-ageing ingredient in some products. Companies claim that it has renewing and stimulating impact on the skin as it has many beneficial vitamins and proteins.




Stop yourself from going on a high but use alcohol to look good for a change! Pour a can of beer through your hair. It gives a thick look. Don’t forget to rinse though!


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