Signs of Menopause in Women

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Feb 21, 2012

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Signs of menopause in women

Menopause in women may be manifested by a number of physiological changes in her body. Every woman experiences these signs in varying degrees. Menopause is a natural body process which results in ceasing of the menstrual cycle. It is one of the important changes in a woman’s life and occurs during the late 40’s or early 50’s.


Signs of Menopause in women

  • There is either an increase in or intensity of PMS. PMS occurs due to hormonal imbalances and this imbalance is caused due to menopause.
  • Menopause in women leads to unexplained mood swings. Depression or aggressive behaviour can also result due to hormonal imbalances.
  • During menopause, our body deals with the changes in hormones by boosting metabolism. This leads to hot flashes, a common problem faced by women undergoing menopause. Hot flashes may also be caused due to the adrenal glands receiving a wrong signal and pushing out a lot of energy which is actually not required by our bodies.
  • Many women experience chronic fatigue, pains and aches. Depression, lack of sleep and low energy levels may result in these aches and pains.
  • Sudden drops in oestrogen levels may cause testosterone to increase dramatically. Testosterone determines hair growth and women may find hair growth in unwanted areas. Sometimes, hair loss too may occur.
  • The hormonal imbalances in menopause can lead to sudden water retention and weight gain.
  • Vaginal dryness and loss of libido are some other signs of menopause in women. The drop in the level of oestrogen causes drying out of the vagina. This can make intercourse uncomfortable and many women find the act repelling. Hormonal changes can also be a contributory factor.
  • Night sweats and insomnia are also potent signs of menopause. Hormonal changes which lead to mood swings may make you hyper and jumpy leading to lack of sleep.
  • Women undergoing menopause may also encounter difficulty in concentrating and mental confusion. Although menopause is the reason behind these problems, lack of sleep is also a contributing factor.

Menopause in women is a crucial phase which needs to be handled patiently. Most women notice early menopausal symptoms while still having their periods. This stage, called perimenopause, occurs in the early 40s and is a precursor to menopause.  It is advised to eat a healthy diet, drink plenty of water and exercise regularly to overcome this transition with ease.


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