Minor Stroke causes Disability

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Sep 15, 2012

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Minor Stroke can cause Disability

Minor strokes do warn against major strokes in the future, but a recent study has claimed that people who suffer from minor stroke or transient ischemic attacks can develop any form of disability in the immediate days after a stroke attack.




The study published in the journal ‘Stroke’ found that 15 per cent people out of 499 patients, who had had experience minor stroke, reported development of some sort of disability within the next 90 days of the stroke, but they were able to perform their routine tasks on their own.

The risk of developing a disability increases by 12 per cent if the patient experiences recurrent strokes within a few days. Other people who are at the risk of developing disabilities are type 2 diabetics and patients with blocked brain arteries.

The authors of the study suggested that if clot-busting drugs are administered to patients with stroke, the risk of disability can be staved off, but it’s crucial that the medications are given within a specified time frame. [Read:  Treatment of Stroke]

Also, with adherence to better lifestyle practices, the risk of disability after a minor stroke can be diminished. A patient must regularly check his blood pressure and diabetes after the stroke attack.


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