How to Fold a Cloth Diaper for a Newborn?

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Oct 31, 2011

Diapers are nowadays considered irreplaceable items for healthy and hygienic baby care practices. This is all the more the case  when you are dealing with a newborn. The relentless potty cleaning sessions are now not as irritating for both, the baby and the mother. A cloth diaper is the best alternative, especially for a baby who’s really young.


To begin with, they are soft and made from natural cotton fibre, ruling out the possibility of dermatitis. Secondly, they are good for the environment, and do not add to the toxic waste when disposed. Most importantly, they are far easier on your pocket. Therefore, the good old cloth nappy scores over the sophisticated disposal variants, especially when the baby is a newborn.

The use of cloth diapers in newborns is especially beneficial because they tend to pee and poop quite often immediately. The poop is also watery in consistency and can soil diapers even before they are wet. Therefore, you need to be prepared to change nappies at least 8–12 times during the course of the day. This means, that you will need just as many diapers per day and naturally, the low cost but extremely efficient variety is more suited.


However, the challenge lies in folding cloth diapers the right way for a newborn baby. This is because, when you learn how to fold a cloth diaper for a newborn, you would most certainly not like to use a diaper pin for the fear of hurting your baby.


Learning How to Fold a Cloth Diaper

Whether you are planning to use a cloth diaper for boy or a girl, there are two variants available. The first one is the age old birds-eye cloth nappy which is nothing but a rectangular piece of cloth. Although, these might be extremely comfortable for babies, learning to fold a cloth diaper of this type is a daunting task. You simply have to try and keep as much bulk of the cloth as possible in the centre and secure the ends with the help of diaper pins. If you do not want to use pins, this is probably not the preferred choice for you.

The second variant is the pre-folded cloth diaper which has been used by mums for years  now. These have varying thicknesses with the centre of the diaper being the thickest. The centre has almost 8 layers and the sides have4 layers each. Since they are pre-folded, using them is easier. You just need to place your baby’s bum on the diaper and ensure that the top of the pre-fold which is on the back is of the same height as the navel. Now you need to pull the centre to the navel height, covering the nappy area. Then  bring the right and the left ends together at the centre, and secure the diaper with a nappy fastener. 

Fastening cloth diapers for babies is not a difficult task to manage. Before you buy acloth diapers for your baby boy or girl watch a few video illustrations. These are readily available on the internet. Just follow the instructions and you are unlikely to go wrong!


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