5 Common Triggers Of Gout Pain

By Sushmita Sharma
2023-01-31,18:20 IST

Gout is a type of arthritis that causes severe pain in your joints and is caused by increased uric acid levels in your body. Read on to learn some common gout triggers.


If you consume foods rich in purine, it can raise the uric acid level in your body and lead to gout formation. Avoid eating red meat, fatty meats, and salmon.


You should limit the alcohol intake in your body, especially beer, as it can trigger a gout attack.

Higher BMI

Another trigger of a gout attack can be a higher body mass index or someone who is overweight.


Not drinking enough water can raise uric acid levels as there is a decrease in urination, which can trigger a gout attack.


There are chances of gout formation if you have diabetes as there is a high level of insulin in them, which further increases uric acid.

You should maintain a healthy diet and consult your doctor before making any changes if you have a gout flare. Practise exercise and keep track of your triggers.