6 Impressive Beard Styles For Men

By Puru Bansal
06 June 2022

Beard Styles For Men

Giving a fresh look to your face could also impact your mind positively, take a look these 6 trendy and impressive beard styles.

Long Stubble

This is a common beard style that suits every face. Men trying to keep beard initially can start with long stubble beard style.

Circle Beard

You might have seen it a lot in movies. It is a sleek, classy beard style suitable for working professionals for presentable look.


Those who are lazy to maintain a beard should try bandholz beard style. It is shorter and less maintenance beard, suitable for boys with rectangular faces.

Short Stubble

This style was famous a year or two ago. It can give a nice relaxation from previous beard styles to something easy going.


Yes, it’s the Robert Downey Jr.’s beard style. People with sharp look prefer this more often and it gives you a dapper look.


Each person has a different taste in beard style. You can try these trendy beard styles to give yourself a makeover and leave a good impression.