Effects of Day-care on Child Development

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May 09, 2011

mom and baby The decision of sending your child to a day-care centre even after careful analysis of the environment can be a very difficult one for the parents. Some kids feel more comfortable in a group while others might require individual care. Making the correct decision in this regard will have a direct effect on the child’s development and his or her future aims and strength.

Child development at the beginning stages comprises of a set of skills and characteristics that will go on to carve her/his future personality. Parents who are concerned that their kid will show negative repercussions from the effect of day-care can now give up the worry as multiple researches point out the fact that quality day-care can actually benefit the child.

As per a research conducted by the National Institutes of Child Health and Human Development (NICHD) called the Study of Early Child Care and Youth Development (SECCYD), children in quality day-cares exhibited higher levels of development in terms of their social compatibility with peer groups and adults in comparison to those kids who are sent to just any day care. Closeness between the kid and the day-care provider made the kids rank better on the sociable scale.


  • Social Development: A direct correlation has been found between the effects of day-care and child development. Quality day-care environment promotes the sociable nature of children.
  • Maternal Bonding: Based on the research conducted by North Carolina University, effects of day-care can in no way disrupt the bond between the child and the mother. However, the same research also pointed to the fact that if there are any negative effects linked to the long hours spent at day-care then the mother can bond with the kid by making some time in order to compensate for any imbalance.
  • Cognitive Skill Development: A quality day-care institution can significantly affect in defining the learning capability of the kid and the interest in gaining further knowledge. Day-cares can build the mathematic and reading skills of children at a very early age.
  • Behavioural Development: Kids who spend extended durations at a day-care exhibit aggressive and demanding behaviour. But with the lapse of time and growing maturity this attitude in kids usually mellows down. Also, some kids who go to quality day-cares do not display any such behaviour.


Weighing down the effects of day care on child development, parents can consider sending their kids to a day-care that offers quality assistance. For safe measures, parents should first and foremost research about the various day-care options available and take a keen interest in the kind of care they offer to the kids who are already a part of it. By finding the best day-care for your little bundle of joy, you can ensure their complete development and well-being. 


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