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Baby Names Starting With Z with Meanings

NameMeaning Gender Religion
ZarineGolden GirlMuslim
ZaynBeauty GirlMuslim
ZahirahShining, luminous GirlMuslim
ZahidasultanaPious queen GirlMuslim
ZahaaRadiance, Brilliance GirlMuslim
ZahabGold GirlMuslim
ZahidabanoPious princess GirlMuslim
ZagheeghatAbundance, Affluence, Multitude GirlMuslim
ZabanaFlame (of a candle) GirlMuslim
ZafeeraOne who is a source of success, a successful lady GirlMuslim
ZaamatPower, Authority, Command, Glory, Honour GirlMuslim
ZaaminahOne who stands surety for another one who helps GirlMuslim
ZarmaCaptivating GirlMuslim
ZarkaElegant Bird (Crane) GirlMuslim
ZarinaGolden GirlMuslim
ZukhrufPure Gold GirlMuslim
ZulaikhaWife of the king of Egypt GirlMuslim
ZumurrudEmerald GirlMuslim
ZuhraVenus, brilliancy GirlMuslim
ZubaidaDiminutive of Zubda, butter GirlMuslim
ZoreedOne who meets GirlMuslim
ZohalMoon of another planet GirlMuslim
ZibaPl of Zaby, gazelle GirlMuslim
ZinaatPl of Zinat, ornament GirlMuslim
Zinat-un-NisaOrnament of women GirlMuslim
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