Attention! Repeated use of wax may harm your skin

Although waxing has been considered as the best way to get rid of unwanted hair but there are number of side effects that everyone should be aware of.  Learn how repeated waxing may harm your skin.

Meenakshi Chaudhary
Fashion & BeautyWritten by: Meenakshi ChaudharyPublished at: Jun 13, 2016
Attention! Repeated use of wax may harm your skin

What is the first thing that a girl or woman turns to when she has to get rid of unwanted body hair? Well, while some rely on razor or hair removal creams, some go for waxing, now out of all these methods, waxing is considered as the safest and the best method to remove unwanted hair. However, not many know that there can be several adverse effects of removing hair by waxing.


side effects of waxing

Beauticians and experts always suggest to opt for a reputed saloon to get body waxing done because they use superior products as compared to the ordinary parlous. But apart from the quality of wax, does repeated waxing also harm your skin? The answer is yes, the wax and procedure of waxing can have immediate or long term effects on your skin.


Here is how repeated waxing affects your skin:

Reduces elasticity of your skin

Going for repeated waxing with little gaps may damage your skin, making it less supple. It may also intensify the chances of you having wrinkles soon. And nobody wants that. But no matter how lightly the wax strip is pulled out, repeated process will certainly loosen your skin.


May cause irritation and redness

This is one of the most common and irritating side effects that you could go through due to repeated waxing. Although not everyone gets irritation and redness after waxing but if you have sensitive skin, you are more likely to experience such side effects.


May give you skin rashes

Experiencing itching sensation after a waxing session is common. But scratching the waxed skin right after waxing may result in skin rashes and red bumps. People with highly sensitive skin experience such problems after bikini waxing.


May cause bleeding

Yes, this can happen and the waxer is not at the fault.  As you may know that hair follicle is connected to a little blood vessel and when you rip the hair off, you may a see a blood droplet. This is more likely to happen in tight pores areas such as underarms or around the labia. This may also happen while waxing sensitive skin.


Causes dark spots and burns

Using overheated wax may cause dark spots and even slightly burn your skin. You may get reddish brown spots which will eventually turn into a dark pigmentation on the skin. Depending upon the skin type, these spots take one week to a year to fade out.


Repeated waxing may result in Ingrown hairs

You read that right, repeated waxing may result in ingrown hair. They generally occur at the areas like underarms or the bikini line, and as they can't be seen, they will make you feel much uncomfortable.


So before you hit the salon next time for body waxing keeps these things in mind.


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