Always on headphones? Know how long you should use headphones to avoid hearing loss

Your headphones or earphones have become your best friend. But are you aware of the harmful effects of using headphones and earphone? Know the various harmful effects and tips to deal with them.

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Always on headphones? Know how long you should use headphones to avoid hearing loss

Headphones have become a part of your life along with your mobile phones. Some of you simply love music while others use them as an excuse to avoid others. You see headphones or earphones everywhere. Your headphones or earphones have become your best friend, especially while traveling. 

Extreme use headphones can lead to complete hearing loss. It exposes your ears to sound which is very harmful to your ears. Listening to sounds at high volumes on headphones can cause hearing loss very easily. Some harmful effects of using headphones or earphones are:

  • Complete hearing loss or hearing complications
  • Ear infections if you share your headphones with someone
  • Lack of or no air passage into the ears
  • Pain in ears
  • Irritation in ears
  • Affect brain function

For how long you should use headphones at one go?

Listening to volume more than 100 dB can damage your ears within 15 minutes. But 100 dB is very high. So volume plays a crucial role while when you use headphones. You should not cross 60% of the volume of your device. Most smartphones give you a warning when you cross 60% volume. Crossing it can be dangerous to your ears. Duration is also another factor that is considered while using headphones. You should not use headphones for longer periods. Do not exceed 60 minutes in any situation.  If you are too addicted to your headphones then make it your responsibility to remove your headphones after every 30 minutes also, keep the volume on check.

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Some tips to decrease the harmful effect of using headphones

Volume should be low

When you hear music the volume should be low. Some people love loud music, which is extremely bad for you. Whenever you are using your headphones make sure that the volume is low. Less exposure to high volume can prevent hearing loss up to some extent. 

Take a break

Train yourself in such a way that you do not overuse headphones that it damages your ear. Remind yourself after every interval to remove the headphones and take a break. Many a time you do not realise for how long you have been using headphones. So set a reminder when you switch on your music to take a break after a while. After some time it will become your habit.

Try noise canceling headphones

You keep the volume high to avoid external sounds that distract you. But it harms your ears. Noise canceling headphones work the best in such a situation. It blocks other sounds from external sources and lets you focus on wherever you are listening. This will help you maintain low volumes while listening to music.

Choose over the ear headphones

There is a huge difference between using headphones and in-ear earphones. When you use in-ear earphones the distance between the eardrum and the noise becomes less which is very harmful. However, the using headphones are also dangerous for your ears but you can choose over the ear headphones than in-ear earphones.

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