Your face can Reveal your BMI

By  , ANI
Jun 10, 2013

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The researchers at the West Virginia University in Morgantown claim that your face can reveal a lot about you - even body mass index. They have developed an algorithm that can analyse a mugshot and predict that person's BMI.

The algorithm assesses seven weight-related components in a face image, including the ratios of cheekbone width to jaw width, face length to cheekbone width and the average distance between eyebrow and eye.

The researchers studied the 14,500 faces of people with known BMIs. The predicted BMIs were mostly within two or three points of the person's actual BMI. Lead researcher said that the software could be used in smart health applications, relating face images to BMI and associated health risks. Or, on online dating sites, where it could help you assess the BMI and state of health of people you might date.

BMI is a standard health metric that's equal to a person's weight (in kilograms) divided by the square of their height (in metres). Someone with a BMI over 30 is acknowledged as obese and below 18.5 as underweight.



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