Signs of Skin Cancer

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Nov 21, 2011

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Signs of skin cancer

Skin cancer symptoms need to be identified on the basis of its three types. Melanoma, basal cell carcinoma and squamous cell carcinoma are the three types of skin cancer and these are increasing every year.


Early detection of any type of skin cancer puts the patient at an advantage for its treatment. You can check your body for changes in moles, lesions, or any other unusual skin changes. If you notice any of these on your skin, contact your health care provider immediately. He may recommend visiting a dermatologist or oncologist for preventing your condition from aggravating.


Signs of Melanoma


The most prominent sign of melanoma is an irregularly shaped mole that changes its shape and size. People spending a lot of time under the sun expose themselves to ultra-violet radiation from the sun which increases the risk of melanoma.

Signs of Basal Cell Carcinoma


This form of skin cancer is peculiar to the Caucasians. Its prominent sign is a thickening area on the skin. It is also the most common form of skin cancer affecting 8,00,000 lakh people every year.

Signs of Squamous Cell Carcinoma


A large reddish patch of skin that is bound to get scaly, ulcerated or crusted, is the main characteristic of squamous cell carcinoma. This is a skin cancer with which 1,60,000 people are afflicted every year.


Some common skin cancer signs and symptoms


  • Asymmetrical moles – If you have moles that do not appear same on both sides, i.e. they are asymmetrical can be a sign of skin cancer. Moles which are blurry, notched or ragged are typical of melanoma type of skin cancer.
  • Multi-coloured mole – If you find a multi-coloured mole in your body with red white, brown or black colours, it can be a sign of malignant melanoma. A blemish that is one-fourth of an inch or 6 mm in width can be malignant melanoma.
  • Sore – If you find a sore on your skin that is not easy to cure because it is filled with yellow pus that is likely to break or scab over can be a sign of skin cancer. This mole may look like a pimple or small pink spot but it will not cure by itself. Visit your health professional immediately if such is the case.
  • Basal cell carcinoma – These occur in those areas of the skin or body parts that have been overexposed to the damage of UV rays. These appear as pearly gray colour if the skin surrounding the carcinoma appears stretched.
  • Squamous cell carcinoma – It can be commonly affect neck, chest, face, back and shoulders. Parts of upper arm can also be affected. These can be sore to touch with the colour being pink or red. They will also be full of pus which does not heal. Get professional help as soon as possible if you find these sores.


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