Dairy products do not increase Heart Risk

By  ,  Onlymyhealth editorial team
May 26, 2011

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Dairy ProductsTo the delight of cheese lovers worldwide, a research done by Brown University in US claims that eating even quite large amounts of dairy products do not increase the risk of heart attack. The results of the study suggest this after factoring in the presence of saturated fat in dairy products. Saturated fat is expected to block arteries and increase chances of a heart attack. Brown University researchers, supporting their claim based on the research, say that nutrients of dairy products negate its harmful effects.

The study was carried out on 3630 men and women in their middle age. Half of these had been heart patients and suffered mild heart attacks. The research assessed the participants reported dairy intake and also the biomarkers of dairy fat in their bodies. It was found that the dairy intake of people who had had a heart attack was not statistically varied to the people who had not.

The team from Brown University led by Stella Aslibekyan said that taking the nutrient value of dairy products in their entirety, including the fats, the results show that the separate components of the dairy product cancel out the harmful effects. The final result is null. The group in the study was further classified based on their daily dairy intake, no link between high dairy intake and increased heart risk could be established. Even the biggest consumers of dairy products eating up to 593 grams a day did not show increased risk of heart attack.

Since the dairy products like Milk and cheese are very complex, it is important to look at the complete effect of the food and not the isolated nutrients. The beneficial nutrients in dairy products are vitamin D, calcium, magnesium, potassium and conjugated linoleic acid that are good for the blood and heart. We may need to revisit the basics of diet nutrition after this research.

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