High Protein Under 500 Calories Dinner Foods

By Ishaan Arora
2023-01-24,12:04 IST

When it comes to muscle building, we are often told to increase our protein intake, so here are five foods under 500 calories that can help you gain muscle.

Chicken Rice

A perfect combination of carbs and protein, chicken rice helps with both weight loss and muscle building.

Sprouts Salad

Salad is the way to go if you want something light. A sprout salad is also high in protein, and a single serving does not contain more than 250 calories.


Nothing beats egg protein, so if you want a filling meal that is low in calories, egg white bhurjee is the way to go.

Soya Briyani

Rich in complex carbohydrates and protein, a serving of soya biryani doesn't contain more than 400 calories.

Chicken Pasta

Chicken pasta is a great way to satisfy cravings or have a filling dinner. A serving of chicken pasta has 20 grams of protein and only 500 calories.