Why I Can't Lose My Weight?

By Ishaan Arora
2023-03-17,18:56 IST

If you're dieting but still struggling to lose weight, you're probably making one of the following mistakes.

You Are Eating More

Even if you eat healthily, you will not be able to lose weight if you overeat.

Eating At Different Times

Weight loss is all about consistency; you won't be able to lose weight if you eat at inconvenient times.

Not Sleeping

Weight loss occurs while you are sleeping, so if you are not getting enough sleep, you will not be able to transform.

You Are Dehydrated

Drinking water helps flush toxins and boost metabolism; if you aren't drinking enough water, your scale number will not change.

You Are Stressed

When you are stressed, you tend to binge on foods, and hormonal production suffers, halting weight loss.


Make sure to use a calorie counter app as that help keep track of your diet, exercise, water, and sleep.