Face Oils To Get Rid Of Acne

By Puru Bansal
06 June 2022

Face Oils for Acnes

Face oils can actually reduce your acne and clear skin rather than popular opinion that believes that putting oil can elevate acnes on face.

Jojoba Oil

The liquid extracted from seeds of perennial shrub could actually clear acnes. It is structurally similar to skin natural sebum.

Rosehip Oil

Rosehip seed oil extracted from wild roses moisturizes your skin and clears toxins from the face. It has brightening properties that aid lighter skin tone.

Hemp Seed Oil

Another trendy oil that significantly reduces acne from skin. It has anti-inflammatory properties that calms acnes and beautifies skin.

Evening Primrose Oil

This oil is rich in omega 6s which comes packed with fatty acids. This improves skin texture and clears acnes causing inflammation.

Tea Tree Oil

This classic oil can be used on face to reduce acnes. It has antibacterial properties and anti- inflammatory properties that could become natural acne remedy.

Sea Buckthrorn Oil

The oil sinks into the skin effortlessly and quick enough. This oil provides an oily skin naturally because of its fatty acids and antioxidants presence.

Grapeseed Oil

Oil made from grapeseed are packed with antioxidant polyphenol content which helps to eradicate acnes from the skin.


Contrary to popular belief, some natural oils have acne clearing properties that could help you get rid of acnes from your face.