5 Causes of Short-Term Blindness

By Varun Verma
2023-01-24,20:01 IST

Many disorders, including migraines, trauma, and brain tumours, can cause underlying issues like standing up too rapidly to impair vision temporarily. Here are five causes of short-term blindness.


Migraines are the most common reason for short-term and partial vision loss. While ocular migraines can affect one of your eyes, visual migraines affect both eyes in which one sees flashing lights and blind spots.

Head Traumas

Temporary blindness can also result from head injuries. The degree of severity depends on the impact's seriousness and the injury's location.

Light Sensitivity

Eyes are very sensitive, and the impact of light on them also plays a role. A certain amount of light might briefly make you feel blind because of how sensitive you are to it.

Retinal Vasospasm

Vasospasm results when a blood vessel in your retina constricts. Due to this, blood flow is reduced, which may result in temporary vision loss in the eyes.

Closed-Angle Glaucoma

In this, the iris of your eye might enlarge and obstruct appropriate fluid drainage. Your eyes get more pressured as a result. This can also result in blurred vision temporarily.

Considering the delicate nature of the eyes, it is important to seek a doctor's attention immediately when these symptoms occur. Your doctor will examine your eyes and prescribe the right treatment.