Brain Stroke During Winter: 5 Reasons That Increase Its Risk

By Varun Verma
2023-01-31,17:10 IST

One of the leading causes of brain stroke is a blood clot blockage in a blood vessel in the brain. The likelihood of this increase in cold temperatures. Here are five reasons that increase the risk of brain stroke during winter.

Cold Weather

During cold weather, vasoconstrictors increase, which increases blood pressure and increases the risk of stroke.

Alcohol Consumption

Drinking alcohol increases the risk of brain stroke during winter by raising blood pressure. Thus, it is advisable to avoid alcohol to prevent this serious problem.


Smoking also raises your blood pressure while reducing oxygen levels, which promotes blood clots and the risk of brain stroke.

Limited Physical Activity

Some people may become dehydrated due to the environment's high humidity, which raises the possibility of blood clot formation, leading to stroke.

To prevent the risk of brain stroke, one should follow a healthy lifestyle and regularly visit their doctor.