5 Ways To Increase Bone Density

By Chanchal Sengar
2022-12-08,19:46 IST

What Is Bone Density

It is measured by the amount of bone minerals like calcium and phosphorus present in bone tissues. Higher density means stronger bones.

Increase bone density

There are numerous ways to increase bone density to reduce the risk of bone-related issues like osteoporosis and osteoarthritis.

Regular exercise

Lack of movement can weaken bones and cause bone muscle mass loss. Thus, you must increase physical activity to increase bone density.

Calcium-rich diet

Calcium is the most important bone mineral. Have dairy products, oranges, kale, broccoli, salmon, etc. that are rich in calcium.

Magnesium is also important

Magnesium improves bone health by increasing bone density and lowering osteoporosis risk. Have nuts, seeds, lemon and chia seeds daily.

Have protein

Bones have 50% protein and so, you must have protein-rich foods to make your bones stronger. Make sure to have a balanced diet.


Poor bone density can put you at risk of bone-related illnesses. Make sure you follow all the tips to increase bone density.