How To Prevent Children From Overeating

By Puru Bansal
15 June 2022

Overeating in Children

Overeating is a common problem in children and teens. We spoke to Ms. Kriti Sharma, Consultant Dietician in BNK, Hospital, Kanpur.

Avoid Unhealthy Snacking

Unhealthy snacks are tempting and children could eat it more often. Try to avoid keeping unhealthy snacks at your home.

Low Fat Proteins

Eating more proteins in the diet such as whole grains and fibre. This could lower the cravings to eat more, this can prevent your from overeating.

Set Rules for Children

Try to inculcate some rules so that they do not start eating at odd times. Try to put in food choices that work best for you.

Avoid Fast-food Dining

Children and teens love fast food, and that is worse for them. Hence you need to refrain your kids and yourself from eating out.

Tell About Health Problems

You must tell your kids about health hazards of overeating. This could refrain them from overeating and stuffing food.


You need to inculcate some good eating habits and avoid unhealthy snacks that could encourage overeating.