Ayurvedic Herbs To Try This Summer

By Puru Bansal
17 June 2022

Ayurvedic Herbs for Summers

Here are 7 cooling herbs that could cool your body during the scorching heat. Have a look at these refreshing herbs now.


The holy basil that could be used in treating numerous infections such as cold, flu, cough. It can also provide therapeutic cooling effect in body.


Dhaniya or coriander poses antioxidants that helps in countering damage caused by free radicals. Try mint chutney, drink coriander water and in meals.


Mint is also cooling herb that could be detoxify your body and can have cooling properties. Best option is to have mint lemonade in summers.


Manjistha aids in eliminating toxins from the blood an leaves an cooling effect on the body. It also tackles inflammatory diseases.


This could be your go to herb for cough and cold. Chewing mulethi can provide a cooling sensation in throat.


Cardamom can be used for cooling down in summers by adding it to your meals and diet. It boosts your metabolism.


Exposure of heat in this summer could dehydrate you extensively. Try these ayurvedic herbs for cooling effects.