Going To Office Every Day? Here Are Some Safety Precautions That You Need To Follow For Complete Wel

Mind BodyBy Onlymyhealth editorial teamJun 17, 2020

These times are tough when there are no restrictions to head out, but there is a fear of the virus. But there are various things that you cannot ignore for a normal living. One of which is to go to the office every day. Even though everyone is told to work from home, there can arise situations when going to the office is the only way out to complete your tasks. But that does not mean that you forget taking all precautions to stay safe from the virus. Also, just as we say now one has to learn how to live with this virus, one must take all the necessary precautions. This video talks about various essential precautions one must take if visiting office daily or any time of the day:

  • Make sure you wear a mask and don’t remove it
  • Use staircase in office because one should have every possible reason to touch any surface or button in lifts. Also, it is easier to maintain social distancing while taking the stairs. If taking an elevator is the only option, press the buttons with your elbow instead of your figures.
  • Make sure your workstation and desktop is sanitised correctly and don’t leave your place unnecessarily
  • Wash your hands with soap after touching the doorknob, photocopier and refrigerator etc.
  • Prefer homemade meals and avoid having group lunches
  • Don’t step outside to take a break
  • After coming back from office, disinfect your shoes, bags and clothes etc. and take a proper bath

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