Get Fit Ep 2: Tone Your Legs At Home With This Simple Exercise Routine

Exercise & FitnessBy Onlymyhealth editorial teamMar 11, 2020

We feel insecure about the shape of our lower body and heavy hips but don’t worry, we have got a 5-minute workout that can tone your legs at home. As a part of the Get Fit series with Diksha, here’s how we help you all to get those sexy legs by merely doing some exercises at home. Squats strengthen your legs muscles. The person lowers their hips from a standing position and then stands back up. It is essential to know that the bodyweight should be felt in your feet. With this, you won’t have knee pain, and the exercise will be effective around your leg muscles. 20 repetition and a break of 10-15 seconds can be helpful.

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Sumo squats have a much wider stance and turned out feet. It focuses on your inner thighs and hips. Do this for 20 times and take 15 seconds to break. Also, standing glute kickbacks work on your hips and overall stability. Keep your arms on your waist, keeping your right leg stable and kick your left leg behind. Do 20 repetitions each side and take 15 seconds to break. Diksha explains that standing Hip adductors challenges our outer thighs and hips. Keep your hands on your waist and move one side of your leg sideways. With these, the fitness expert also explains how calf raises that tones your calf muscles. Keep your hands around your hips and lift your heels slowly so that you feel your muscles.

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