You Must Consume These Foods In Winters To Stay Warm

Healthy DietBy Onlymyhealth editorial teamJan 22, 2021

The Winter season is all about allergies and seasonal illnesses. A lot of people fell sick with its onset and many remain ill throughout the cold season. Staying warm is the ultimate solution to tackle the cold season without falling ill. However, this not only means layering up in warm clothes but you also need to take care of your diet and have warm foods to provide heat and prevent illnesses. In this video, we will talk about some foods that are must-haves in winters especially when the temperature drops. 

  • Jaggery- This is one of the staple food items that you can find in most Indian households. It provides heat to the body and keeps it safe from cold weather. There are many ways of consuming jaggery.
  • Sesame seeds- You must have seen women making til ladoo in the winter season. This is because of its extremely warm properties. These contain fatty acids and antibacterial minerals to provide health benefits.
  • Dates- This is a popular dry fruit that is mostly consumed in winters as it provides heat to the body thereby preventing winter illnesses.
  • Peanuts- This is another winter food that people cherish eating. You must consume roasted peanuts daily to keep winter illnesses at bay.

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