Yoga For Asthma: Breathe Easy With These Simple Asanas

YogaBy Onlymyhealth editorial teamSep 06, 2019

A sudden feeling of suffocation or choking while having a sound sleep can be worrisome for many. Also, breathlessness while doing certain physical activities does throw your life off guards. This is common for those who have asthma. Apart from relying on heavy medication, people are resorting to alternative methodologies for relieving symptoms of asthma. The most famous of all is yoga. Yoga is fast catching up among people as a resort to treat several health diseases. Apart from managing weight, yoga also helps in centralizing the breathing with some slow pace stretching, without putting much stress on the respiratory system. There are myriad benefits of yoga for those suffering from acute breathing issues like asthma. Yoga is all about some gentle stress-relieving stretches and poses, which not just provide relief from symptoms but can be a great source to eliminate the health condition if done regularly.

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To incorporate yoga as a natural relief plan from asthma, start with these recommended poses by Yoga Instructor And Wellness Consultant Shikha Mehra. Yoga asanas, coupled with proper medication and care, can provide relief from asthma.

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