Wondering How To Increase Breast Milk? Here Are Expert Diet Tips By Dr Swati Bathwal

Healthy DietBy Onlymyhealth editorial teamJun 23, 2020

A new-born should only consume the mother’s milk for the initial six months, according to doctors. New moms are advised to take proper care of their diet because this is the time that they have to lactate. Hence, by adding new few things in the diet can help in an increased production of breastmilk. Talking to an expert on this, Dr Swati Bathwal, our expert nutritionist helps new moms to take a proper diet for more breast milk production:

Dr Swati Bathwal explains, “Lactating women require minimum 1 thousand milligrams of calcium in a single day. One glass of milk provides 300 mg of calcium. So, they must have at least two glass of milk and one bowl of yoghurt. The other food is barley. It contains beta Glucose, which increases the production of milk. You can dine it in the form of soup, barely water or make a porridge of it. Another superfood is fenugreek seeds.”

“Ayurveda emphasises on fenugreek seed for increasing the production of milk. You can make fenugreek ladoo or fenugreek churan and consume it after your meal. An easy way is to soak fenugreek seeds in one glass of water and drink it after 6-7 hours. Another seed is fennel seeds, which are beneficial to increase breast milk production. You can make fennel seed water by adding two spoons of fennel seeds in boiling water.”  

Watch this video for more to understand how one can produce breast milk by taking a natural diet.

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