WHO’s Latest Guidelines For Wearing A Face Mask

MiscellaneousBy Onlymyhealth editorial teamJun 16, 2020

With the increase in cases of coronavirus, WHO has updated the guidelines of wearing a face mask. Revised guidelines suggest everyone to wear a mask in public, Also, everyone should wear masks at places, where social distancing is impossible, example community markets, hospitals, etc. In the new guidelines, they also mentioned the structure and material to be used while making a face mask, and in which circumstances we should wear them. Firstly lets talk about how a mask should be in structure and material. The video tells us all about it in details regarding the quality of mask. It mentions how a mask should three layers of different material, with a lining of cotton, outer covering of polyester and in middle a filter like layer of polypropylene. 

Now lets talk about the places,  where it is important to wear a mask according to WHO. The video mentions that countries should encourage people to wear mask at crowed places . Along with this, with a situation of community transmission, there people aged 60 and above with weaker immunity and past record of a disease. These people should specifically wear a mask anytime and everytime they go out for essential services. Chief Director of WHO, Dr Tredros Nom warned people that by just wearing a mask, one cant protect themselves from COVID-19.  

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