When To Take Covishield Second Dose? All Your Queries Answered

MiscellaneousBy Onlymyhealth editorial teamJun 14, 2021

Government had announced on May 13 that the gap between the two doses of Covishield doses has been increased to 12-16 weeks from 6-8 weeks earlier. According to these new guidelines, you will have to wait for 3-4 months to get your second dose of Covishield from the date of your first dose.

In case of Covaxin, however, there is no change in the gap between two doses which is 4-6 weeks

There may be doubts in the mind of people who are wondering why the waiting period has been increased while earlier it was just 1-1.5 months or 6-8 weeks from the date of the first vaccine.

Why This Increased Gap Would Provide More Protection From Covid-19

There is scientific date behind govt’s decision. Covishield is more effective if we increase the gap to 12 weeks between the two doses Many experts and studies agree with that. According to Lancet, a reputed medical journal, Covishield vaccine is 81% more effective after increasing the gap to 12-16 weeks in comparison to 6 weeks in which case it would only be 55% effective.

Even in clinical trials, the gap is considered to be ideal to take vaccination. In UK too, the gap between the two doses of vaccine is 12 weeks, while In Spain and Canada, there is a gap of 16 weeks.

What Will Be The Date Of Your Second Covishield Dose If You Took The First Dose Before This Announcement?

You can calculate the date of your next dose by adding 12-16 weeks to the date of your first dose. 

What If You Took Both Doses Of Covishield But The Gap Is 6-8 Weeks?

You don't have to worry because you are sufficiently protected. It is still 55% effective. Besides studies across the globe has proved that Covishield has shown 90% effective irrespective of the gaps between the doses.

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