What Is Plasma Therapy and How Its Trials Are Done?

Other DiseasesBy Onlymyhealth editorial teamMay 07, 2020

The coronavirus pandemic is here to stay as it is an autoimmune disease. Since it is contagious and caused due to a virus, it would take time to completely eradicate this infection from human lives. Considering the damage it has done, millions of positive cases and thousands of death worldwide, it seems difficult to get rid of this anytime soon. Plasma therapy is seen as an effective COVID-19 treatment until the vaccine is made. In this therapy, the cells of recovered patients are given to an ailing patient as they then fasten the recovery process. As per the Indian Medical Association, to test the effectiveness, they need control trials. As per doctors, they would need two sets of COVID-19 patients where one set of patients would be given the therapy and the second set would be treated normally. This would help in drawing the best results. This way, the recovery percentage can be calculated to start this therapy.

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