What Is Male Menopause, Explains Urologist Dr Sharma

Men's HealthBy Onlymyhealth editorial teamJun 24, 2020

We Generally link menopause only with women but males also have to go through menopause. After crossing the age of 50, the situation of menopause arrives in men. During this period, the sex hormone levels like oestrogen in female and testosterone in male decreases drastically. In women, stopping of menstrual cycle is called menopause. But do you know the symptoms of menopause in men? Urologist Dr Vikram Sharma says, “The symptoms don’t show up immediately like in women. There is a definite period of menopause , but in men it’s a very slow and gradually progressive condition. The common Symptoms which are associated with of male menopause are-”

  • Decrease in sex drive 
  • Infertility 
  • Depression 
  • Tiredness
  • Insomnia 
  • Increase in body fat 
  • Loss of muscle mass 
  • Loss of bone density

Also, problem in getting erection is a noticeable sign. It is progressive and seen mostly in patients who have underlying other medicals conditions like diabetes and hypertension. In all these conditions male menopause occur earlier than normal. It is very common and almost 70-80 per cent of men will experience this condition. 

Treatment: Check blood level of testosterones. One should understand that men menopause is a manageable condition, like it is in women. 

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