What Foods Help With Nausea And Vomiting? Watch Video To More

Home RemediesBy Onlymyhealth editorial teamFeb 12, 2021

Vomiting and nausea are common! Sometimes it occurs because of stale food, and meanwhile, women also vomit during pregnancy. Many people have hurled on a bus, car or taxi. People first try to treat vomiting with medicine but do you know that there are many home remedies to stop vomiting? Let us know about some useful home remedies to stop vomiting.

Home Remedies for Vomiting

Tulsi: Home Remedies to Stop Vomiting

  • Taking basil juice and drinking it helps in vomiting very quickly.
  • You can also drink honey mixed with the juice of basil leaves.
  • If you are vomiting, again and again, drink honey mixed with onion juice.

Water: Home Remedies to Prevent Vomiting

  • There is a lack of water in the body due to repeated vomiting. Due to this, more vomiting starts coming. For this, squeeze one lemon in a glass of water. Mix sugar and salt in it and keep drinking after a while.
  • If you boil water and drink it after cooling it will be beneficial. This method is the cheapest way to prevent vomiting and to prevent the lack of water in the body. You can do this at any time. This will stop your vomiting.

Onion: Home Remedy to Control Vomiting

  • Onion also helps a lot in preventing vomiting. Take one spoon of onion juice. Grind one spoon of ginger and mix it. Keep using it after a while. These are also very helpful in preventing vomiting.
  • Vomiting stops by mixing onion and coriander juice immediately (it also reduces nausea).

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